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What does lotus seed mooncake taste like?

Lotus seed paste with egg yolk — reputedly the maximum traditional of fillings, lotus seed paste is also the most luxurious. It’s also regularly paired with a salty egg yolk middle which symbolized the moon. It`s an acquired taste, pretty savory and salty. What do water lotus seeds taste like? Water lotus seeds have a flavour this is mild, and slightly candy. They sort of flavor like a pass among pine nuts and green almonds. Water lily seeds (makhana) had been snacked on in india for centuries for lotus seed mooncake.

in a pot, add the lotus seeds and 4 cups of water (the water degree ought to be above the lotus seeds). Deliver the aggregate to a boil over excessive warmth. As soon as the water reaches a boil, flip the warmth to low, and let the seeds simmer for half-hour. It’s executed once the lotus seeds are softened however have maintained their shape. A lotus seed or lotus nut is the seed of flowers in the genus nelumbo, specifically the species nelumbo nucifera. The seeds are used in asian cuisine and conventional medication.

Often offered in dried, shelled form, the seeds include wealthy contents of protein, b vitamins, and nutritional minerals. Two kinds of dried lotus seeds can be located commercially; brown peel and white. The former is harvested while the seed head of the lotus is ripe or almost ripe and the latter is harvested whilst the seed head continues to be fully green but with nearly completely advanced seeds.

White lotus seeds are de-shelled and de-membraned. This produces a lotus paste that is tan colored with a satiny sheen, that is rich, candy, and silky with a moderate perfume of caramel. A few cooks pick to treat the dried lotus seeds with a lye solution earlier than to start with stewing them a good way to shorten their cooking time. Lotus paste is utilized in chinese language cuisine as a filling for mooncake, baozi, and different sweet pastries.

Another not unusual use of lotus paste is as a filling for lotus seed buns, a dim sum object. At harvest, the sour-tasting germ of most seeds is eliminated using a hollow needle. The germ of these tough seeds is eliminated by using cracking the seeds in 1/2. The lotus paste utilized by maximum chinese language chefs calls for further training with the aid of dry cooking the sweetened paste over heat with caramelized sugar and vegetable oil. Read more…


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